Chapter 8 - Speech Outline - Jeremy Pflug

Chapter 8 - Speech Outline - Jeremy Pflug - Jeremy Pflug...

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Unformatted text preview: Jeremy Pflug BIS 630 Chapter 8 Speech Outline I N T RO Good afternoon members of the press, City Council members and Hayestown, Oklahoma community members… I would to start by giving a brief statement and then I will address any questions that you all have after, thank you. Vanrex has been a longing standing member of this community since 1906. We strive on being a “good” neighbor to the city of Hayestown, Oklahoma and all its residents. We have 253 employees from this beautiful city, most of which are sitting here today. They will vouch as I stand here today to say that we are doing everything in our power to work by the s tandards put forth by the Department of Health and Environment as well as the E nvironmental Protection Agency. There have been recent r ises in concern by community members but I stand here today and promise that we are making a superior effort addressing every concern. We will be the “good neighbor” that we thr ive on being. BODY • Address each concern that was covered in the media • Provide statistics the show how we are meeting all standards • Describe the improvements that are being made to go “above and beyond” • Apologize for the smell… then describe why there is a smell and how we are meeting standards and these are the bi-products of meeting standard. CLOS ING • Apologize for the smell again • Explain that we are research improvements everyday and ask for patience • Close and open f loor for questions ...
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Chapter 8 - Speech Outline - Jeremy Pflug - Jeremy Pflug...

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