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Chapter 13 - Memo - Jeremy Pflug

Chapter 13 - Memo - Jeremy Pflug - goes and making sure...

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Jeremy Pflug BIS 630 Chapter 13 – Diversity Initiative Kirk has a very difficult task at hand because of the sensitivity of issue at hand. Diversity is a very difficult subject for most people because the tendency is that we believe what we believe and no one will steer our views. Although this is very understandable, being set in your own views does not mean you cannot be sensitive to the fact that other people have views of their own. Kirk should address with by writing another letter to corporate with the intentions of bring a “brighter light” to the issue. I believe his initial attempt although had a good purpose was weak in detail. I believe that he should explain the concerns of individuals from different backgrounds and how the company would benefit from a more diverse employee field. Included in the letter should be a few examples of company policy implementations that could be discussed. A good example would be how the hiring process
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Unformatted text preview: goes and making sure that enough qualified applicants from all different backgrounds are interviewed. Promoting a workplace culture diversity seminar and workshop where people can talk freely with no negative repercussions. Kirk should strive to avoid the same response that he received the first time. He expressed his “weak” concerns in the first letter and on this one by providing examples and proposed ideas, the corporate office would have no reason not to implement some ideas and take the matter more seriously. Having a co-worker than is genuinely concerned obligates Kirk to fight for what matters to Will Roberts and Leslie Wilson. If he does not, then he will lose the trust and respect of two of his best employees. Managers that do not have employees that trust and respect them are worthless because their presence in the company isn’t what it should be....
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