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Story Presentation - Jeremy Pflug - Jeremy Pflug BIS 630...

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Jeremy Pflug BIS 630 Story Presentation Delta Airlines has a long rich history in the United States and has reached new heights in 2009 with its merger with Northwest Airlines. With this merger, Delta Airlines became the “flagship” carrier of the United States and is now the #1 airline in the World. The road been very hard and turbulent along the way however and Delta Airlines has had to fight for everything they have achieved. Delta began in 1930, with its service in Atlanta. Here it renamed itself Delta Air Corporation. In 1953, Delta merged with Chicago and Southern Airlines to bring about its first international routes and shortly after in 1955, Delta begins the first “hub” system. This hub system would bring passengers to Atlanta and there passengers could reach alternate destinations. Currently Delta operates out of 10 hubs; Atlanta, Cincinnati, Detroit, Memphis, Minneapolis-St. Paul, New York –JFK, Salt Lake City, Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Amsterdam, and Tokyo-Narita. In 1972,
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Delta merged with Northeast airlines to provide service in New York and New England areas. Delta began is frequent flyer program in 1981 and named it Delta Skymiles. This has become a very significant part of a Delta customer’s life because with this program, Delta customers can earn free coach flights, free upgrades from coach to first class and even free first class flights. Delta also developed a marketplace which Skymiles members can purchase merchandise, hotels, car rentals and even vacation packages with their earned Skymiles. This program has become a very integral part of Delta Airlines. In 1987, Delta merges with Western Airlines.
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Story Presentation - Jeremy Pflug - Jeremy Pflug BIS 630...

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