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Application Questions4

Application Questions4 - special displays and the point of...

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Application Questions Group #4 1. How would you measure the following distribution channel objectives: coverage of relevant retailers,  effective point-of-purchase promotion, and effective personal selling support? I would measure coverage of relevant retailers by figuring out an appropriate percent of all commodity  volume.  To figure this out a manager must get the desired level of coverage that it wants and pick which  retailers that will be used.  Second, a manager must weigh the importance of each and every retailer and  then based on the amount of sales within its product category at that location.  This will bring about the  ACV and by this the coverage can be gaged.   To measure the effective point of purchase promotion we need to figure out a percent of stores using the 
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Unformatted text preview: special displays and the point of purchase materials that each store is given. Each store must then be weighed based on their importance. I would base the importance by location, and the amount of sales within its product category. With these steps a manager can accurately gauge the effectiveness of the POP displays. To measure the effectiveness of personal selling support a manager must get a percentage of a salesperson’s time devoted to the product as well as the number of salespeople that are receiving training on a product’s characteristics and applications....
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  • Spring '11
  • Thomas
  • Management, Personal Selling, relevant retailers, Distribution Channel objectives, Application Questions Group, effective point­of­purchase promotion, personal selling support

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