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Facebook Marketing 1 Book Review Jeremy Pflug Dr. Kunz MKT 650 Facebook Marketing Leverage Social Media to Grow Your Business Steven Holzner
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Facebook Marketing 2 The first line of the book reads, “Facebook has 42 million users, and they’re smart, affluent, Internet-savvy people whom marketers can no longer ignore.” (Holzner, 2009) With these opening few lines of Facebook Marketing, the author Steven Holzner really sets the tone as to why Facebook is becoming such a tool for companies to reach out to millions of consumers at a time. While there are drawbacks to marketing on a social networking interface, (ex. Consumers can openly discuss their opinions of the company and their products AND these opinions can be seen by anyone who cares to see them) the inexpensiveness of reaching millions so easily cannot be ignored. The opening chapter discusses “Targeting Your Profile.” This is a top priority in any type of marketing; knowing the age, gender, location, and “type” of person is one of the main steps in successful marketing. Facebook provides companies with the most desirable demographic in consumers; 18-26 year-olds with educations. (2009) Justin Smith, editor of said this,” Inside social networks, trusted referrals are the most powerful marketing message.” (2009) This quote really describes in my mind what “new age” marketing is going to be all about. Honestly I feel these tactics have been
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pflugjfacebookmarketing - Facebook Marketing Book Review...

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