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Jeremy Pflug MM 570 Course Project Outline Baseball is “America’s Pastime” and yet there is an overwhelming decline in popularity over the past decade. Attendance figures are dropping rapidly, even in the playoffs; many seats were left without a person in them. Which is hurting the attendance at Major League Baseball games more; the economy or the “Steroids Era?” I believe that the Steroids Era is really deteriorating the game of baseball in ways that are unseen to the public. With the scandals going public, the purity of the game has been taken away which is causing fans to spend their money elsewhere. I believe that parents don’t want their children to grow up idolizing baseball players that cheat and use performance enhancing drugs. In order to reach a verdict on my market research project, the data that I will need is attendance figures from each Major League Baseball team for the past decade. The Steroids Era effected baseball in the early 2000s and the economy has affected baseball in the latter half of the decade. I will also need to
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