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LSI assignment - Jeremy Pflug

LSI assignment - Jeremy Pflug - Jeremy Pflug LSI Assignment...

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Jeremy Pflug LSI Assignment 7/18/10 My primary thinking style was competitive and my back-up thinking style was self-actualizing. The competitive style “measures our need to establish a sense of self-worth through competing against and comparing ourselves to others. While it is largely encouraged and accepted as a measure of success, competitive behavior is not an effective predictor of achievement in business, sports, or life in general: in fact, studies have shown that people who come out ahead in competitive situations focus on performance excellence , or the process of doing well, rather than on the end result of winning.” I completely agree with their definition of this style. I feel that I am a very competitive person and that I focus on doing the best that I can no matter the outcome. At the end of the day, I am able to look at myself in the mirror and know that I put forth the effort and that I didn’t leave anything behind… win or lose. The back-up style, the self-actualizing style “Individualistic by nature, self-actualized people have a strong interest in working to become everything they are capable of being. They have a healthy sense of self-worth, a strong curiosity about people and things, and an acute awareness of both their own and others' feelings. Their insightfulness and directness add fresh perspective to situations.” Honestly, I think people believe that competitive people aren’t good at be self actualizing. I break the mold in this aspect. I feel that I am a type of person to bring people along with me and try to become the best that they can be as well. I know people that if they beat me in something it literally makes their day a lot better because they know what type of person I am, that I give it my all and for them to be able to beat me they would have to put forth the effort as well.
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