Achebe - , London: James Currey Jussawalla, Feroza and...

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Achebe, Chinua Home and Exile  Oxford: Oxford University Press 2000 Achebe, Chinua Things Fall Apart  New York Anchor Press 1994 Booker, M. Keith The African Novel in English: An Introduction  Portsmouth: Heinemann  19?? Carroll, David Chinua Achebe  2nd ed. New York: St. Martin's Press, 1980 Egar, Emmanual Edame The Rhetorical Implications of Chinua Achebe's      Things Fall       Apart       Lanham: University Press of America 2000 Emenyonu, Ernest N. "Chinua Achebe's  Things Fall Apart ; A Classic Study in Colonial  Diplomatic Tactlessness" in Chinua Achebe: A Celebration  Oxford: Heinemann 1991 Ezenwa-Ohaeto Chinua Achebe: A Biography  Oxford: James Currey 1997 Gikanki, Simon Reading Chinua Achebe: Language and Ideology in Fiction
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Unformatted text preview: , London: James Currey Jussawalla, Feroza and Dasenbrock, Reed Way "Chinua Achebe" in Interviews with Writers of the Post-Colonial World Jackson and London: University Press of Mississippi 1992 Lindfors, Bernth (ed.) Conversations with Chinua Achebe Jackson: University Press of Mississippi 1997 Ogbaa, Kalu Understanding Things Fall Apart: A Student Casebook to Issues, Sources, and Historical Documents Westport: Greenwood Press 1999 Stock, A. G. "Yeats and Achebe" in Critical Perspectives on Chinua Achebe : Three Continents Press Wright, Derek "Things Standing Together: a Retrospect on Things Fall Apart " in Chinua Achebe: A Celebration Oxford: Heinemann 1991...
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Achebe - , London: James Currey Jussawalla, Feroza and...

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