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Caesar Antigone essay

Caesar Antigone essay - Caity Lucy Mr Ledman HWLC Period 5...

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Caity Lucy Mr . Ledman HWLC Period 5 November 22 , 2010 Social Change Sophocles and Shakespeare wrote their two famous works over two thousand years apart . Yet , both authors had their characters use similar tactics to try and reform the world around them . All of the main characters in Antigone and Julius Caesar use the same strategies to attempt to create an improved area around them . In summary , through actions , persuasive speeches , and suicides to support a cause , Shakespeare and Sophocles characters work to form a enhanced civilization . Sophocles and Shakespeare had their characters perform physical actions to support their cause to create a social reform . Antigone believed that her brother Oedipus , who fought against his brother Eteocles and King Creon , deserved proper burial . She believed this because he fought as courageously and died as horribly as everyone else . Creon outlawed the burial of Oedipus , and demanded he was to be left for the birds , because he had gone against his native city . Still , Antigone believed that Oedipus battled bravely for the cause he thought right , and she buried him herself with a layer light dust ” ( Sophocles 47 ). Her actions said more than words ever could , and when she admitted to them , they were even more powerful . Antigone even got the choragos to question Creon s absolute law .
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