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Don Quixote King Arthur Inferno

Don Quixote King Arthur Inferno - Caity Lucy Mr Ledman...

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Caity Lucy Mr . Ledman Honors World Literature December 10 , 2010 Moral Compass A compass is a tool that guides one in the right direction . Similarly , authors steer readers into agreeing with their morals and what they believe to be right by using their characters’ actions as examples . The authors demonstrate throughout their writing how when one takes on the morals they suggest there are positive outcomes . Hence , the reader is attracted to the great results and will consequently take on the morals . Novelists’ are capable of using their characters to instill a consensus of principles with the reader . The authors of Inferno , King Arthur , and Don Quixote all indirectly persuade readers to support bravery, heroism, and living one’s life to the fullest through their characters’ actions and mind-sets . Take on To begin with , writers exhibit through their character’s courageous actions how being brave is an excellent way to live one’s life , as well as convince them to take on the trait. First of all , Dante was faced by three ferocious animals on his journey home that would be deadly if he were to try to get passed them . His only way back was to “see those who contented are within the fire (Dante 108 ) with his guide , Virgil. Those who are content in such a miserable place as hell are those who deal out punishments . These devilish creatures are wicked and evil . It took a lot of courage to agree to go through hell and face the fiendish beings , but in the end
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Dante consented to follow Virgil . As the reader observes Dante’s bravery , he sees how eventually it pays off when Dante is able to return home . This sense of payment for one’s actions guides readers to believe that acting bravely is worth it . Another character who demonstrates brave actions is Don Quixote de la Mancha . Don Quixote is a zany old man who convinced himself that being a knight was a good idea , even though it is the equivalent to someone today wanting to be an Old West cowboy . Don Quixote always searched for battles and adventures , and one day found a terrible group of
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Don Quixote King Arthur Inferno - Caity Lucy Mr Ledman...

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