Lord of the Flies Essay =]

Lord of the Flies Essay =] - Caity Lucy Mr Ledman Honors...

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Caity Lucy Mr . Ledman Honors World Literature April 30 , 2011 Sudden Savagery In a very short period of time a group of boys changed from a well behaved group of schoolboys to a bloodthirsty tribe of savages . It seems nearly impossible that something could cause such a drastic change in so little time . It is made evident that different aspects of the island brought out the animal like instincts of the boys . This transformation was caused by a lack of adult supervision , Jack’s leadership, and the fear of the Beast . First of all , a unique aspect on the island that added to the quick transformation of the boys was the lack of parental and adult supervision . This lack of control in turn caused a loss of interest in morality by all the boys . Soon after the crash Piggy questioned Ralph “Aren’t there any grownups? ” (Golding 8 . ) After a short moment of thinking “the delight of a realized ambition overcame him , In the middle of the scar he stood on his head and grinned at the reversed fat boy . ‘No grownups!’” (Golding 8 . ) After Ralph had an understanding that there were no more grownups , he could have not been any more excited . Ralph beamed from ear to ear , shouted, and did a headstand, because of all the possible new things . Without grownups , there was no one there to scold and say not to do something because it was stupid , immature, or
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improper . He realized that the island gave them free reign to do anything he desired . This new freedom would not be ignored , and fully taken advantage of . This chaos of the boys caused a rapid downfall of the boys ’ morals . Even the young boys were not too young to be unaware of the need for a leader . Having teenagers through toddlers running freely around the island would
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Lord of the Flies Essay =] - Caity Lucy Mr Ledman Honors...

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