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Caity Lucy Mr . Ledman Honors World Literature March 3 , 2011 Lessons in Poetry “Poetry is a packsack of invisible keepsakes” (Carl Sandburg.) As one reads poetry , ideas and morals are uncovered . These valuable thoughts are exposed by the writing , which shed light upon the human condition . Through metaphors, imagery, and diction they are able to emphasize the importance of recognizing these values . Authors use poems to reveal why certain values and perspectives are essential . In summary , poems express the importance of dealing with loss , valuing things while they last, and the difference in classes. An important idea that poets want to shed light on through their writing is the loss of a loved one . Thomas Moore does a spectacular job of expressing his opinion on dealing with the loss of a special someone . He writes that after losing someone important to you , it is the best that one gets over it . The speaker in this poem has lost his lover , and is having a difficult time letting go of the one thing left that he has of her , her picture. “As bitter is the burning tear, with which now the gift resign ” (Moore – Her Picture.) Moore uses the word bitter to show the reluctance of the speaker when he is giving up his lover ’s picture. Also , the word resign has the
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connotation of not being entirely willing . So when one reads the poem , you get the impression that the speaker wants to hold on to the picture to comfort him , but must get rid of it. “Yet, no, ‘tis vain – go, picture, go – Smile at me once, and then – adieu” (Moore – Her Picture.) Thomas Moore explained why it was important to let go of the loved one , and his reasoning was that it was selfish . He also uses broken up and choppy syntax , by using hyphenated breaks, to reemphasize the narrator ’s difficulty and reluctance in letting go of his lover. But in the end , Moore states that it is wise to let go , because otherwise one is being self-centered, and selfish. This poem exposes how one needs to let go of a loved one , which reveals that humans as a whole naturally tend to have difficulty freeing themselves from the memory of a loved one . This newly realized perspective can now help one turn around and take Moore ’s advice to heart. Another poet who expressed a similar moral was Rita Dove . Her poem was about the death , of a dear , beloved friend, the narrator’s husband. “Your absence distributed itself like an invitation ” (Rita Dove – The Wake.) Dove used this creative simile to show the immense gloom that fell over her family and friends . The word “invitations” gives one the idea that sorrow was passed on from person to person , until it reached some of the farthest away family members and friends of the loved one . This diction makes it necessary for one to think of this as a ripple effect . The waves , the disturbance of joy, are bigger towards the middle and get continually smaller to the outreaches of the pool . If the sadness dispersed this far, it must have
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Poetry Essay - Caity Lucy Mr. Ledman Honors World...

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