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Annotated Bibliography 1. “Roads safer when drunk drivers immediately lose license to kill” very informational site with the statistics from several surveys that were conducted on the effects of drunk driving, and the effects that suspending there license has on their judgment on driving. (July 24 2007) http://www.sciam.com/article.cfm? id=roads-safer-when-drunk-dr 2. “Drinking and driving can cost you your freedom, your license, and a whole lot of money. And that’s if you’re lucky” The Governor's Highway Safety Bureau Boston, Massachusetts. http://www.police.edgartown.ma.us/dwi2.htm Very good
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Unformatted text preview: information on what can happen if you get affected for drunk driving, but not strict enough for me. 3. California DUI A drunk driving Law guide (2008) http://www.california-drunkdriving.org/dui_penalties.html Very good information on the Laws regarding drunk driving penalties in California. 4. Drunk Driving Laws in the United States, Canada, Europe and More. ( 2008) http://dui3.com/archives/3/drunk-driving-laws-in-the-united-states-canada-europe-and-more/ The best site I found so far, it provides information on the drunk driving laws in other countries and there punishments....
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