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ArchitecturalManifesto - My 7 part OO object-manifesto of...

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My 7 part OO object-manifesto of lectures - these are the things you should feel confident I talked to you about and discussed in class and you have some appreciation of at the end. 1. Introducing the Software Development Life Cycle Describe the Object-Oriented Software Development (OOSD) process Describe how modeling supports the OOSD process Explain the purpose, activities, and artifacts of the following OOSD workflows: Requirements Gathering, Requirements Analysis, Architecture, Design, Implementation, Testing, and Deployment Examine Object Oriented Technology History, languages and trends Describe how OO principles affect the software development process Describe the fundamental OO principles Introduce UML Describe the process of Identifying stakeholders in the customers organization Create a project vision and mission statement from meeting with principal stakeholders Tool up for gathering requirements – the importance of Requirement Docs. Identify and perform stakeholder interviews to identify, validate and refine the key functional and non functional requirements Document the system in the System Requirements Specification (SRS) from all requirements sources Create the first part of the VCRM (Verification Cross Reference Matrix) Introduce UML Introduce the concept of an Interface Introduce Design Patterns Introduce a few example design patterns – yawn …
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2.Introduce the Concepts of UML - Creating the Initial Use Case Diagram
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ArchitecturalManifesto - My 7 part OO object-manifesto of...

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