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SEN-632 Project Assignment: The Task Design with the aid of design patterns and any other literature sources a Self Service Point of Sale system as you would see in your local grocery store. In this project you must (1) Gather requirements – by studying existing systems. (50 Marks). (week 1) (2) Analyze the requirements and get buy-in from stake-holders. (Instructor for example). You must also make a determination as to which of the quality attributes are important to you and why (50 marks). (week 2) (3) Perform a simple design – this aspect will use demonstrate your research into the use of specific design patterns from the GOF book or any other patterns repository. The design must be documented using UML and Views. (50 marks). (week 3). (4) The design must be described in simple English as well and should show how
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Unformatted text preview: aspects of the architecture and the design fulfils the requirements you had initially garnered from studying existing systems and talking to your potential customers. (50 marks), (week 4). You will get status of your weekly mark by interaction with course instructor the following week. You will have a chat/email session with the instructor where you will give status and report your progress. These sessions will require documentary proof (draft documents) of your research and progress every week. You must provide a summary written report not to exceed 10 pages of A4. You must also provide a power-point presentation that will be presented to class on the day before the examination....
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