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Some common thoughts on software architecture

Some common thoughts on software architecture -...

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Some General Trends Observed in Architectures Architectural Strata and the locus of control 1. Enterprise Application Architecture IT backbone of many organizations – work flows, large volume SQL based data processing, transactional semantics. 2. Systems Architecture Designed to make use of hardware underlying the software highly efficient. 3. End User Application Architecture. Human beings need to interact with computers and software – here is where ‘we’ meet the machine. 4. Languages and Architecture Do the tools we use affect our judgments and choices when it comes to architecture? Do you know what are some common
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Unformatted text preview: Architectural structures? A different architect view 1. Module – hides design or implementation decisions behind a stable interface 2. Dependency – organizes components along the way where one uses the functionality of another 3. Process – encapsulates and isolates the runtime state of a module 4. Data access – compartmentalizes data, setting access rights to it. Systems Architecture Enterprise Application Architecture End User Application Architecture Language & tools Paltforms OS & DataStores Analytics & Data Processing GUI...
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