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SEN 632 Final Exam

SEN 632 Final Exam - S EN 632 Software Architecture Appl...

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SEN 632– Software Architecture Appl. Name: Final Exam March 2010 Completion Complete each statement. Multiword answers are not always indicated by multiple lines. Answer in the table row(s) below the selected question. Please ensure your answer is in bold. (1/3 of a point each) 1 ___________ is a structured, disciplined method to rewrite or restructure existing code without changing its external behavior. 2 _____________ informally measures how functionally related the operations of a software element are, and also measures how much work a software element is doing. 3 A design that has low impact on existing software components is known as a/an ___________ pattern 4 In state diagrams a Boolean test is indicated with a __________. 5 A ___________ includes another use case or is extended or specialized by another use case 6 Classes with low cohesion suffer the following problems ___________, __________, ___________, ___________ 7 _____________ containing ____________ are a concern when data is replicated
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8 A _____________ is the condition of an object at a moment in time. 9 For an object to send a message to another object, it must have ___________ to it 10 A ____________ is an object that implements the same interface as the subject object, holds a reference to the real subject, and is used to control access to it 11
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  • Software Architecture Appl, ts external behavior, wri ting source, existing software components, _____________ central error

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