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PRX-PR-05 v1.2 Formal Inspection Procedure (Expert Mode) 3/25/03 Procedure: Formal Inspection (FI) Phase: Global Procedure Owner: SSC San Diego Systems Engineering Process Office (SEPO) Description: The Formal Inspection (FI) is a defined, structured, and disciplined methodology of finding defects in any development products over the entire product life cycle. FIs are conducted by a development team of four to nine people assigned to specific roles with specific tasks to be performed during six specific phases, documented on specific forms, over a specific period (two calendar weeks or less), taking an average of 28-40 total staff hours. Entry Criteria/Inputs: Work product ready for FI Formal Inspection team members have received peer review training Exit Criteria/Outputs: All identified defects resolved All open issues resolved Form 1 submitted to SEPO Roles: Moderator: manages and coordinates the entire procedure, assembles the "inspection package" Author: creates the work product being inspected Presenter: paraphrases aloud the gist of the work product in the Inspection Meeting Recorder: writes information about defects on forms in the Inspection Meeting Inspector: analyzes the work product and identifies defects Observer: quietly observes the Inspection Meeting for critiquing Assets/References: (all at
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FI_Procedure_Expert - PRX-PR-05 v1.2 Formal Inspection...

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