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Midterm MC Answers - SEN 662 Engineering Software Quality...

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SEN 662 Engineering Software Quality Final Exam INSTRUCTIONS: Thoroughly read each question before you attempt to answer it. There is a one-hour time limit for the exam. Each question is worth 8 points. This test is closed book and closed notes. As announced on the first day of class, the questions are based on information from the class and in the following text: Godbole, Nina S. (2004). Software Quality Assurance, Principles and Practices. Alpha Science International, Ltd.: Pangbourne, U.K. Grading is as follows: 190 - 200 = A 147 - 152 = C 180 - 189 = A- 140 - 146 = C- 173 - 179 = B+ 133 - 139 = D+ 167 - 172 = B 127 - 132 = D 160 - 166 = B- 120 - 126 = D- 153 - 159 = C+ 119 and below = Failed Return the exam with your answers to the exam administrator. GOOD LUCK!
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SEN662 Engineering Software Quality 1. Select the answer that most correctly matches the cost of correcting an error with the software development cycle. a) Development Test, 15 – 40 times b) Field operation, 100 – 600 times c) Design, 3 – 6 times d) Requirements, 1 time e) All of the above 2. Intergroup Coordination is part of which level in the CMM? a) Level 1 b) Level 2 c) Level 3 d) Level 4 e) Level 5 3. Verification: “Are we building the product right?” Validation: “Are we building the right product?” a) T b) F 4. Plans made in an organization at CMM level 2 show that the probability mean of Time/$ are usually higher than at Level 1. Why? a) The CMM model does not work for all organizations. b) Management will often overspent the savings realized at level 2 c) The planning in a level 2 organization is more accurate d) Managers in a level 2 organization spend more implementing CMM e) All of the above 5. Common features include a) Goals, Activities, Abilities, Verification b) Measurement, Abilities, Goals, Activities c) Commitment, Verification, Goals, Abilities d)
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Midterm MC Answers - SEN 662 Engineering Software Quality...

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