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Syllabus for SEN662 - Syllabus for SEN662: Engineering...

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Syllabus for SEN662: Engineering Software Quality Course: SEN662 - Engineering Software Quality Last revised: Date: February 26, 2010 By: Dr. Mudasser Fraz Wyne Textbook: For the correct edition of the textbook assigned to a specific class, go to: Course Description: Emphasizes quality engineering approaches for software project management, planning, estimating, design, development and distribution. Analysis of Capability Maturity Models, ISO 9001 and IEEE 12207 Standards is also emphasized. Based on their operational concepts document, students develop a well-defined Software Quality Assurance plan. Learning Outcomes: Material covered in this course also supports the following Program Learning Outcomes: Create software requirements specifications, and design and develop complex software systems using software engineering processes and tools. Evaluate computer security vulnerabilities and threats, and countermeasures that are both effective and ethical to address them Analyze and design complex front-end applications for cloud and client-server architectures and integrate them with backend databases. Demonstrate ability to conduct in-depth research, both individually as well as in teams, in a specific computer science area and ability to maintain currency in computer science through lifelong learning Demonstrate critical thinking and ability to analyze and synthesize computer science concepts and skills with ethical standards through graduate-level evaluative and creative written assignments and oral reports. Evaluate design methodologies for software projects including hardware/software integration, networking and graphical user interfaces. Develop and evaluate comprehensive software test plans at both the software module and the systems level Analyze and manage software configuration to ensure conformance to Total Quality Assurance standards. Design and implement a user interface for a software system in order to maximize its
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Syllabus for SEN662 - Syllabus for SEN662: Engineering...

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