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PRX-PR-02 v1.1 Technical Review Procedure (Expert Mode) 3/25/03 Procedure: Technical Review Phase: Global Procedure Owner: SSC San Diego Systems Engineering Process Office (SEPO) Description: A Technical Review is a team evaluation of a product. It identifies deviations from specifications and standards, identifies defects, and may examine alternative solutions. The review team provides recommendations for correction of defects and deviations. The Technical Review is less formal than the Formal Inspection. The Technical Review participants include the author, and participants knowledgeable of the technical content of the product being reviewed. Entry Criteria/Inputs: A Technical Review is the appropriate review for the work product and product is not identified as requiring a formal inspection. The Technical Review team members have received peer review training. The applicable standards and checklists are available to the Technical Review team to assist in their review of the product. Documents from which the product was developed are available. The product is ready for a Technical Review. Exit Criteria/Outputs: All issues identified in the Technical Review have been addressed. Product has been reworked as necessary.
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TR_Procedure_Expert - PRX-PR-02 v1.1 Technical Review...

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