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PRX-VER-01 v1.1 Verification Process (Expert Mode) 1/04/05 Process: Verification Phase: Global Process Owner: SSC San Diego Systems Engineering Process Office (SEPO) Description: The Verification (VER) process objective is to assure that selected work products meet their specified requirements. It includes verifying the design, ability to build the design correctly, ability to reproduce the system, ability to correct faults, etc. Verification demonstrates, through assessment of the product, that the system fulfills its specified requirements. Entry Criteria/Inputs: Overarching plans exist to plan this process, establish schedules, assign responsibilities, establish monitoring procedures, and provide for improvement of VER (i.e., Project Management Plan (PMP), see PMP Template in reference (a); Project Build Plan, see Project Build Plan Template, reference (b)) Commitment to verification disciplines per Systems/Software Engineering Management (SEM) Policy (see reference (c)) has been made Adequate resources are committed to verification Personnel performing verification activities are trained Product components are available for verification Exit Criteria/Outputs: A documented verification plan is under configuration control Objective evidence that the product satisfies its allocated requirements has been collected and reported, identified in a list of verified products and satisfied requirements. Data for corrective action has been reported Measurements on the status of the verification products and process have been collected, analyzed and stored Objective evaluation of this process has been completed in accordance with a defined quality assurance process Review with higher-level management has been completed to resolve issues The effectiveness of this process has been assessed and proposed improvements submitted in accordance with overarching plans Roles: Sponsor/end-user/developer/senior management: provide approved product requirements
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Verification_Process_Expert_Mode - PRX-VER-01 v1.1...

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