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Capstone Presentation Invitation ENM 607B

Capstone Presentation Invitation ENM 607B - Dr Jeffrey...

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Unformatted text preview: Dr. Jeffrey Appel ([email protected] ) National University Engineering Management Department Chair and Lead Faculty: Dr. Shekar Viswanathan School of Engineering and Technology 3678 Aero Court San Diego, CA 92123‐1788 (858) 309‐3412 Phone 6(858) 309‐3420 Fax www.nu.edu M aster of Science in Presentation to be Viewed Online via Class Live Pro Please RSVP to: Aneta Siekiera ([email protected]) After you RSVP, you will receive log‐in instructions for CLP Engineering Management Program Capstone Presentations NATIONAL UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY Wasim Al‐Aqra Dashan Craft Irina P. Lemus PRESENTATION SCHEDULE Friday, April 2, 2010 Rodrigo Goncalves Parkpoom Techaran Sirirat Wisuthisakchai Hemant Kharpude Present: 6:00pm Class Live Pro Online Presentation (see RSVP/log‐in instructions on back) “Feasibility of Implementing Open Source Office at National University” This research study aims to verify the feasibility of migrating from proprietary software office suite (Microsoft Office) to an open source office alterna‐ tive (Open Office and Google Docs at National Uni‐ versity. Under the hypothesis of the study which is the implementation of open source office software at National University’s campuses will reduce the total cost of ownership of IT office software prod‐ ucts. In order to prove the hypothesis, the research‐ ers decided to perform cost benefit analysis for Open Office and Google Docs versus Microsoft Office and also the researchers decided to survey students and IT staff at NU regarding satisfaction and performance that they have toward Open source software. Present: “Study of the Hotel del Coronado Shipping Practices” This study presents the problem that The Hotel del Coronado faces with daily retail operations and makes a deep analysis of the relationship between the cost of goods sold and the freight costs paid in the past fiscal year, 2009. The researchers gathered information from two sources, a survey conducted with the hotel vendors, and from the data collected from the hotel Finance Department. The statistic analy‐ sis preformed indicates that the hotel can im‐ prove the cost of shipping and actually save money by analyzing its vendors shipping prac‐ tices. ...
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