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CAPSTONE WRITTEN PROJECT EVALUATION FORM Area Outstanding (9-10) Good (7.5-9) Fair (6-7.5) Poor (below 6) Presentation The student has adhered to all of the standards outlined in the Capstone project requirements by National University. The student has basically ignored many of the standards outlined in the Capstone project requirements. Facts The detail and scope of the information incorporated into the project demonstrates considerable familiarity. The student could have provided greater detail and scope. The student had some difficulty furnishing sufficient evidence. The student failed to provide information that is accurate and relevant to the project. Analysis Facts, key concepts and principles were presented in an orderly fashion with logically sound conclusions. The student’s presentation of facts, and principles was orderly; with one erroneous inference. Some of the facts, are presented in a disorderly fashion with some erroneous inferences. Presentation of
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