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The Committee

The Committee - The Committee Your thesis committee has...

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The Committee Your thesis committee has already been formed. It is the same group of people who will evaluate most of the other teams in the class. According to the thesis guide, the team is supposed to form the committee; however, I have found that it is a difficult process and that the department chair will often make those arrangements himself. The committee consists of the following: Dr. Howard Evans, Dean SOET Dr. Shekar Viswanathan, Chair Dr. Jeffrey Appel, Course Professor Dr. John Elson, Thesis Advisor Dr. Fidel Salinas, Thesis Advisor Dr. Abdul Edouni, Thesis Advisor Dr. Stan Rifkin, Adjunct Professor Professor Kathleen Alexandar, Adjunct Professor Professor Chris Achcraft, Adjunct Professor Sponsors (add comments as appropriate) I have not yet received conformation from the last three professors on the list. They will attend if they are available. I will act as the moderator for the event and give a short (very short) introduction of the board members and welcome of the sponsors and guests. I will also introduce the teams
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