TMG 620 Assignment Specifications

TMG 620 Assignment Specifications - TMG 620 Assignment...

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TMG 620 Assignment Specifications September 2009 Evaluation (1000 pts Total) Weekly Articles (4x25 pts) 100 pts Classroom Participation 50 pts Term Paper (Research Paper) 200 pts Team Project Paper (Group Paper) 150 pts Team Project Oral Presentation (Group Presentation) 50 pts Midterm 200 pts Final (not cumulative) 250 pts Weekly Articles (25 pts each x 4 weeks) Each week three will be a presentation by every student in the class of a recent article pertaining to information technology for management in the areas of e-business, digitization, new technologies/products or topics brought up in the chapter lectures. An article will be chosen from either a commercial or technical magazine or peer-reviewed journal. Each student will write a 1-2 page summary of the article in APA format to turn in to the instructor. Attaching the article to the written paper is preferred but not required. Each student will have approximately 5 min to present their article to the class. Students are encouraged to show visual aids in their oral presentations. Photographs, charts, graphs or videos may be used. There will be 15 points possible for the written summary and 10 points possible for the oral presentation for each assignment. Class Participation (50 pts) All students will be graded on class participation. Each student will receive H (high), M (medium) or L (low) grade for each class session. L = 3 points, M = 4 points, H = 5 points. Ratings: L – Regular attendance + answers some questions, M – Regular attendance + usually answers questions + asks an occasional question or occasionally contributes to the discussion, H – Regular attendance + always offers to answer questions + very active in the class discussions by asking a lot of questions and consistently contributing outside material to the discussions. There will be 5 possible points for each class session (5 pts x 9 sessions) and 5 additional points granted for perfect attendance in the course. Term Paper Each student will submit a graduate quality research paper using the standards referenced below. The length of the paper should be 5-10 pages and contain at least five (5) reference sources from peer-reviewed journal articles. The research area will be chosen by the student and approved by the instructor no later than the 4 th class session. The research paper should identify and critically analyze technology management and leadership issues, practices and future developments. It should concentrate on one industry or field such as defense contractors, service providers, health care, not-for-profit
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TMG 620 Assignment Specifications - TMG 620 Assignment...

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