TMG 620 Group Presentation Grading Sheet

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TMG 620 Group Presentation Grading Sheet Name __________________________________ Group _______ Total Points (50 pts possible) ______________ Time Speaker __________________ Time Group ____________________ Speaker Points: __________ Volume (5 pts) __________ Speed of Speech (5 pts) __________ Rehearsed – Reading the Slides? (15 pts) __________ Total points for speaker Group Points (Same for Each Group Member):
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Unformatted text preview: __________ Organization including Introductory Case Summary (5 pts) __________ Length of presentation (5 pts) 5-7 min each speaker, 30 min total (allow at least 5 min for Q&A) __________ Quality of summary of material (8 pts) __________ Use of visual aids – charts, graphs, handouts (5 pts) __________ Transition of speakers (2 pts) __________ Total points for group...
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