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Review, Critique, Relate (RCR) Guidelines The use of the RCR, when writing a research paper, can save you time and energy. Proper research requires the student to read a large volume of material and most students often forget where that gem was that they want to use or which paper discusses the concept that they want for support of their idea. The RCR, if properly written, will prevent the student from needing to hunt through and re-read endless stacks of papers. It will also help students to understand the concepts that they read. The RCR contains the following four sections: 1) Reference, 2) Review, 3) Critique, and 4) Relate. It should end up approximately ½ page in length. Reference: Place the reference in APA format at the top of your RCR page. Review: Write a short paragraph summarizing the paper. Do not copy the abstract; use your own words. Be succinct and complete. Include the paper’s results. Critique:
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Unformatted text preview: Write a short critique based on the following points: • Is there an “Abstract”? • Does the author use “Third Person”? • Is there an “Introduction”? • Is there a “Working Definition” of their main concept? • Is “Terminology” defined? • Is the paper written to the author’s “Intended Audience”? • Is “Parallel Construction” used? • Is there a good “Organization of Ideas”? • Is there a good “Layout” of the paper? • Are “Article Enhancers” (e.g. graphics, tables, charts, etc.) used? • Are the “Reference Dates” used by the author current (less than three years old)? • Has internal and external “Validity” been addressed? • Has the “Scientific Method” been used (Introduction, Review of Literature, Methodology, Results, Conclusion)? Relate: Write a short paragraph that relates your work to that expressed in the paper....
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