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Cell Phone Malware presentation[1]

Cell Phone Malware presentation[1] - Mobile Viruses and...

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Unformatted text preview: Mobile Viruses and Worms (Project Group 4) Nishan Singh Ramya Merugu Richard Scitzs 1 Outline Introduction Breakdown of Mobile Malware Threats posed by Mobile Malware Malware In-depth Harm done Futuristic Threats Protective Measures 2 Introduction What is a Mobile Virus? “Mobile” : pertaining to mobile devices cell phones, smart phones, PDAs, ... Mobile Virus vs. Computer Virus Mobile Malware: “Malware”: Malicious Software ”: Mal All kinds of unwanted malicious software 3 Cell Phones vs. PC Viruses Cell Phone Virus similar to a PC Virus. Cell PC Virus spreads: 160,000 PC Viruses to 500 Cell Phone Viruses E-mail attachments, Internet downloads Cell Phone Virus spreads: Internet download, MMS attachments and Bluetooth Mobiles are always “connected” and switched on Impact of being spreading more rapidly than PC Long considered immune from viruses − Due to the vast variety of O/S 4 Cell Phones vs. PC Viruses.. On the positive side: − Several variants of phones exist A malware for one type of phone may not malware necessarily be able to infect others necessarily − − E.g., A virus that uses an MMS exploit cannot infect a E.g., phone that does not have that facility at all phone Mobile malware not yet causing critical harm At most − − they increase the user's billing, or cause the mobile phone to stop working (can be restored cause by a factory reset) by 5 Classification of Mobile Worms and Viruses 6 Breakdown of Mobile Malware Breakdown Behaviour Virus Worm Trojan Environment Operating System Vulnerable Application Social Engineering Basic Armouring Buffer Overflow Exploit 7 Source: Kaspersky Labs Classification (examples) 8 Current threats by Mobile Malware For financial gain / loss Unnecessary calls / SMS / MMS Send and sell private information Cause phones to work slowly or crash Wipe out contact books and other information on Wipe the phone the Remote control of the phone Install “false” applications Prevents Phone from booting Drains Battery 9 Malware In-depth 10 10 Ground Zero Cabir.A - June 2004 First Mobile Malware/Worm First Infects Cell Phones running Symbian O/S Appears as a Security Utility that were Bluetooth-enabled. Devised as a Proof of Concept by “Vallez” Impact Vallez – Member of the international group of virus writers know as 29A. Infected file – caribe.sis No damaging effect Displays the message “Caribe” on screen Displays every time mobile phone is switched on.1 Standalone Or Mobile Mobile to other phones by Bluetooth 15 new variants exist 11 11 Malware In-depth - ComWar Second landmark in mobile worms Spread vector - Bluetooth and MMS Large spread area due to MMS Not as proof of concept – Intention to harm Not by charging the mobile user by Multiple variants detected 12 12 Malware In-depth - CardTrap First cross-over mobile virus found Can migrate from mobile to PC Propagates as infected mobile application Propagates as well as Windows worm as 2 variants found – Both install with variants legitimate applications – Black Symbian and Camcorder Pro and 13 13 How much damage was done? 14 14 Damage Done Damage Cabir.A – Tries to Replicate – No Harm Tries Skulls. A – Disables all phone functions except Disables sending/receiving calls sending/receiving Comwarrior.A – Sends out expensive MMS ends Comwarrior.A messages to everyone in phonebook (in course of MMS replication) replication) Locknut.B – Crashes system ROM; disables all phone rashes functions; inserts other (inactive) malware into phone functions; Fontal.A – Locks up phone in startup mode; disables Fontal.A ocks phone entirely phone 15 15 Virus Transmission 16 16 Impact Forecast Tipping Point: Growth of Mobile Viruses will increase when Growth Cell Phones run a single O/S Cell Smartphone becoming more popular 3G Network – Always-On 3G Mobile Viruses Technology will evolve on Mobile a faster scale than the PC viruses faster No Perfect Mobile OS 17 17 Futuristic Threats 18 18 Futuristic Developments Location Tracking Camera and Microphone Bug Leaking Sensitive Information DDOS attack on Mobile Service Provider 19 19 Forecast Future Mobile Malware Malware Target Areas: Text messages SMS (short message service) phishing (also known as SMiShing) Contacts Video Phone transcriptions Call history Malicious programs can read this information Documentation Many mobile phone users read and store Word, Excel, or PDF files Buffer overflows 20 20 Mobile Virus Trend The increase of known mobile malware variants Increases in known mobile malware families Complete (as of 30th August 2006) list of mobile virus families according to Kaspersky Lab classification. http://www.viruslist.com/en/analysis?pubid=200119916 21 21 Protective Measures 22 22 Securing against attacks Consumer Protection Service Providers System level security MOSES 23 23 Consumers Protection Measures Steps that you can exercise to prevent catching the BUG! Download software from a trusted source. Turn-off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Install Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Don’t open files or messages from unknown sources. Use passwords for signing in. Backup you mobile device files frequently. 24 24 Service Provider Protection Measures Verizon promoting Anti-Virus Symbian 9.0 and Windows Mobile 6.0 equipped with Security Management Anti-Virus Mobile Vendors: F-Secure Mobile Security Kaspersky Mobile Security McAfee 25 25 MOSES Mobile Security Processing System Ravi (2005) Two levels of defences – Hardware and Two Software Software Hardware – Application Fencing Software – Encryption Cell Phone Security and MOSES in detail http://dspace.cusat.ac.in/dspace/bitstream/123456789/2107/1/C ELL%20PHONE%20VIRUS%20&%20SECURITY.pdf 26 26 MOSES Secure boot and run-time memory Secure protection prevents software (virus) and physical (code prevents medication) attacks medication) Provides crypto functions and meets Provides performance and power targets performance Provides protection to any sensitive data Provides or cryptographic keys against common attacks attacks 27 27 Conclusion What is Mobile Malware? Differences of Mobile Malware to PC Malware Classification of Malware Futuristic Threats Protection Measures Mobile Malware in the News 28 28 Mobile Malware in the News Link – Cell Phone Threat http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgsQQ5-Axl4&feature=player_embedded# 29 29 References Ground Zero http://www.pandasecurity.com/homeusers/security-info/48569/Cabir http://usa.kaspersky.com/threats/articles/MobileMalwareEv1.php Kaspersky Labs' Report on Mobile Viruses (September 2006) http://www.viruslist.com/en/analysis?pubid=198981193 http://www.viruslist.com/en/analysis?pubid=200119916 http://www.viruslist.com/en/analysis?pubid=201225789 30 30 Bluetooth vulnerabilities References Haataja, K., “Two practical attacks against Bluetooth security using new enhanced Two implementations of security analysis tools”, CNIS 2005, Arizona, USA, November 14-16, implementations ”, 2005. 2005. http://www.thebunker.net/security/bluetooth.htm http://www.darknet.org.uk/2006/02/locate-anyone-in-the-uk-via-sms/ Protective Measures: MOSES: http://www.princeton.edu/∼sravi/security.htm http://www.princeton.edu/ Bose, Shin, “Proactive Security for Mobile Messaging Networks”, WiSe '06, September 29, Proactive 2006. 2006. 31 31 Questions??? 32 32 ...
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