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Final_Vijay kuruganty - CSC607-WCM605 EXAM II August 2010...

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CSC607-WCM605 NAME: VIJAY KURUGANTY EXAM II STUDENT ID: 021479394 August 2010 1. Describe what mobile code is and how it gets loaded onto your computer. Ans: The term "Mobile Code" generally refers to interpreted or executable or software content that can be downloaded and run on a user's workstation or device. These technologies are often used to provide rich and dynamic content to users visiting web sites or to automate common tasks. Like any tool though, these same mechanisms can be used for malicious purposes as well. The use of mobile code is no longer restricted to web browsers either; as HTML has become the most ubiquitous format for displaying data; many applications have started supporting HTML documents as well. The following section describes the most common forms of mobile code: Embedded Script (JScript /VBScript) ActiveX Controls Java Applets "Built-In" Objects Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Mobile code may load onto computer by download via an email attachment, transferred across a network or via a Bluetooth, USB flash drive, etc.   2. You are advising a small business that wishes to host its website on its own web server. The self appointed CIO of the small business (By the way, the CIO is also the vice president) wishes to save money and have his firewall and web server running on the same computer. Is this a good idea? Explain. Ans: No it’s not a good idea. It is a single point of that traffic is channeled through. The firewall is executable code a hacker could attack the firewall, compromise the firewall’s code and be able to execute from the device that the firewall is installed on. If the web server was installed on the same computer as the firewall then the hacker will have access to the web server and any other code loaded on that computer.
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3. Would it be advisable to have support applications running on my firewall? In other words, suppose I’m having trouble with my firewall and wish to send an email to the vendor from the machine where the firewall is running or draft an email attachment on it using Microsoft Word. How would you advise me on this matter? Ans: I would advise not to draft an e-mail or send e-mail on the computer where the firewall is running. If the firewall was compromised then the email existing on the machine will also be compromised. 4. I’m searching for a firewall that acts as a go-between between and application outside the firewall, say email and another application behind the firewall and ensures that the proper protocol rules between these applications are followed. What do I need? Ans: You would need an Application Proxy. An application proxy gateway, also called a bastion host, is a firewall that simulates the (proper) effects of an application so that the application receives only requests to act properly. A proxy gateway is a two-headed device: It looks to the inside as if it is the outside (destination) connection, while to the outside it responds just as the insider would. 5.
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Final_Vijay kuruganty - CSC607-WCM605 EXAM II August 2010...

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