Strategy Implementation_ Exam Review

Strategy Implementation_ Exam Review - X AMS TIPS...

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XAMS TIPS: RITE CLEARLY EAD CAREFULLY THE QUESTIONS Cesuga/University College Dublin Bachelor of Commerce (Spain) BMGT 3712 Strategy Formulation and Implementation COURSE REVIEW, SAMPLE QUESTIONS 1. 1. The Concept of Strategy, Grant Textbook chapter 1. 2. Tools of Strategy Analysis: Grant chapter 3. Study this chapter very well, because it is very important for all subsequent analyses and notions. Use self-questions n. 5 and 6 to review the notions. Question : Why does the notion of substitutability is essential to define the boundaries of an industry? 3. The industry structure & Segmentation Analysis, Competitor Analysis & the notion of “Strategic Groups . Grant chapter 4 . This is very important topic, so I recommend you to study it very well. Questions : what is the function of segmentation analysis? What are the criteria to use to evaluate if the segmentation analysis is helpful in understanding competition? What happens if the segments are not clearly-cut and separated? 4. Analysing
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Strategy Implementation_ Exam Review - X AMS TIPS...

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