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_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ School of Accounting and Business Information Systems T: +61 2 6125 7968 College of Business and Economics F: +61 2 6125 4310 Hanna Neumann, Bld. No. 21, Rm 2037 E: [email protected] Canberra ACT 0200 Australia www.anu.edu.au http://ecocomm.anu.edu.au CRICOS Provider No. 00120C It is an expectation of the School of Accounting and Business Information Systems (ABIS) that students enrolled in this course make themselves familiar with the administrative procedures outlined in the College Administrative Guide appended to this document. It provides essential information regarding College and ANU policies and procedures to help students complete this course. BUSN1001 Business Reporting & Analysis https://webct.anu.edu.au/login/ Course Outline – Semester 1, 2008 1. Staff E-mail Room number Phone Consultation Times Course Coordinator: Catherine Ikin [email protected] Rm 1053 PAP Moran Bld 26B (612) 59774 tba Staff Tutor: Marwa El-Kobtan Other tutors: to be advised (tba) [email protected] Rm 2032 Hanna Neumann Bld 21 (612) 54087 tba Course Administrators school website: http://www.cbe.anu.edu.au/schools/abis email enquiries: [email protected] School Office Rm 2037 Bld 21 Hanna Neumann 6125 0025 6125 7968 Office hours: 9am – 5pm Monday - Friday 2. Course Overview 2.1 Aims The course focuses on the nature and scope of business reporting and the need for financial and non- financial information for business decision-making. It provides students with fundamental financial management knowledge in the contemporary business environment. This course commences with an introduction to the use of business reports and the financial reporting regulatory environment. The concepts of primary financial reports and specific reporting issues are then discussed, with a focus on the preparation and analysis of financial statements from the perspectives of business report users. This course proceeds with discussions on the basic financial decision tools, the use of past and future-oriented information and how the knowledge is applied to managerial decision-making, including planning, control and investment opportunities.
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CRICOS Provider No. 00120C 2 2.2 Objectives By the end of this course, you are expected to have attained proficiency in the following areas: Understand the relationship of business reporting to the social and economic environment; Explain who are the main users of business reports, and the main purposes for which the information is used; Understand the major differences between sole traders, partnerships and companies. Distinguish
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OL - School of Accounting and Business Information Systems...

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