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Chapter 4 Activities - Chapter 4 Activities Love The Right...

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Chapter 4 Activities Love: The Right Chemistry A Focused Explanation of the Concept Toufexis begins with the fact that there is science to romantic love, and that she will discuss this in her essay. She then earns credibility by introducing a person with a Ph.D, and getting his opinion on whether love is scientific. She follows that with some brief history on the beginnings of love, and then dives into the chemistry involved in love, which is her main focus. She initially captures the readers interest by proclaiming that there is “nonsense about romantic love” and that she is going to “put love under a microscope.” She also later includes references in Bram Stroker’s Dracula and Marilyn Monroe’s The Seven-Year Itch to keep the readers interested. Another thing that helps keep the reader’s interest is her comparison of chemicals involved in love to common drugs, and how love is actually a “natural high”. A Readable Plan There are clearly four sections in her explanation of how chemistry is involved in love, which are imprinting, attraction, attachment, and “the cuddle chemical”. Dividing the main portion of the essay into four sections help the reader fully understand all the ways chemistry is involved in love. She had mentioned an idea earlier in the essay about goofy grins, sweaty palms, heavy breathing and flushed skin. Yet it still hasn’t been explained why these actions occur in love, and this is exactly what Toufexis states as she transitions into the “love maps” section of her essay. Appropriate Explanatory Strategies Toufexis does a great job integrating causes and effects into her essay. She uses many different strategies in doing this, including listing the cause, followed immediately by the effect, listing the effect, and then explaining what caused it, explaining the cause, and then numerous effects from it, and listing quotes that include a cause followed by an effect. These different strategies keep the reader interested, and informed. Smooth Integration of Sources She explains some of her sources credentials, when necessary. Yet, she only does this once, and if she uses the same source again, she just refers to the source using
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the author’s last name. She builds her authority well, by using many sources, and primarily uses them on the most vital information. Analyzing Visuals When I first read the essay, I glanced at the headlines of the visual as I passed by it, but waited until the end of “the cuddle chemical” portion of the essay to continue reading it. The visual is fairly attractive when you are reading the essay. It does do a very good job orgainizing the information, and offering just brief information on each subtopic. In doing this, it offers the reader an easy chance to make sure they understand the information, without going back and
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Chapter 4 Activities - Chapter 4 Activities Love The Right...

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