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Chapter 13 outline - MGM 403 Chapter 13 BASIC SAMPLING...

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MGM 403 Chapter 13 BASIC SAMPLING ISSUES I) Concept of Sampling Sampling refers to the process of obtaining information from a subset (a sample) of a large group. A user of marketing research then takes the results from the sample & makes estimates of the characteristics of the large group. The motivation for the sampling is to be able to make these estimates more quickly & at a lower cost than would be possible by any other means. The key to making accurate predictions about the characteristics or behavior of a large population on the basis of a relatively small sample lies in which individuals are selected for the sample. A) Population 1. The population , or population of interest , is the entire group of people about whom the researcher needs to obtain information. 2. Defining the population of interest is a key step in the sampling process. B) Sample vs. Census 1. In a census , data are obtained from or about every member of the population of interest. 2. Censuses are seldom employed in marketing research, as populations of interest to marketers normally include many thousands or even millions of individuals. 3. It has been demonstrated repeatedly that a relatively small but carefully chosen sample can very accurately reflect the characteristics of the population from which it is drawn. 4.
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Chapter 13 outline - MGM 403 Chapter 13 BASIC SAMPLING...

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