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FACILITY PLANNING- Worked answers for 1-5

FACILITY PLANNING- Worked answers for 1-5 - FACILITY...

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FACILITY PLANNING You have been hired to design an assembly line which will produce digital cameras. Assembling a single digital camera requires the completion of nine distinct tasks, and information about each of these tasks is provided below: Task Immediate Followers Task Time (seconds) A B, C 10 B D, E, F 30 C H 25 D G 18 E G 5 F H 17 G End 37 H I 30 I End 12 This assembly line will operate 8 hours a day to produce 576 digital cameras daily. Use the Longest Processing Time Rule (LPT) to design this assembly line and answer the following four questions about your design. 1. What is the cycle time of your assembly line, in seconds? a) 0.014 seconds b) 0.833 seconds c) 5 seconds d) 50 seconds e) 184 seconds CT= OT/D (available time/output or demand CT= 8 hours/576 digital cameras CT= .01388 hours X 60= .8333 minutes X 60= 50 seconds -You need to multiply by 60 twice to find the cycle time in seconds To find out questions 2-4 we need to draw a precedence diagram and assign tasks to workstations The precedence diagram should look at follows: A B D G E F C H I
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