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DESIGNING AN EFFECTIVE WEB SITE When designing a Web site, your main goal is to attract customers to the site, interest them in purchasing your products or services, and keep them coming back. Some guidelines to consider for achieving a successful site include the following: 1. Make your home page work for you. A visitor to your site’s home page should be able to learn quickly about your business, products, services, and policies. 2. Make your pages readable. Customers should be able to read your pages easily. Select a typeface that is attractive and easy to skim. Keep your language simple and avoid using words or terms customers may not understand. 3. Avoid a cluttered look. In design, less is more. Strive for a clean look to your pages, using ample margins and white space.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Make your pages interesting. An impressive and balanced use of text, graphics, color, animation, and other features will capture and hold a customers interest. 5. Design pages so they will download quickly. Check the speed at which your pages download from the server. Online shoppers have zero tolerance for delays. A visitor to your site may abandon it and move to other sites if downloading takes more than a few seconds. 6. Make your site easy to navigate and print from. Provide a menu of your site on its storefront and include hyperlinks that allow customers to move to and view desired pages quickly. Also, remember that many people still print the pages of useful Web sites. Make sure your pages print correctly....
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