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GLOSSARY OF TERMS A Access time: The time a storage device spends locating a particular file. Aggregation software: E-commerce software application that combines online activities to provide one-stop shopping for consumers. Analog signals: Signals composed of continuous waves transmitted at a certain frequency range over a medium, such as a telephone line. B Backup: A second copy kept of valuable data. Bandwidth: The number of bits that can be transferred per second over a given medium or network. Beta-testing: One of the last steps in software development that involves allowing outside people to use the software to see if it works as designed . C Chinese abacus: Pebbles strung on a rod inside a frame. Pebbles in the upper part of an
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Unformatted text preview: abacus correspond to 5 x 10 , or 5, for the first column; 5 x 10 1 , or 50, for the second column; 5 x 10 2 , or 500, for the third column; and so on. Chip: A thin wafer of silicon containing electronic circuitry that performs various functions, such as mathematical calculations, storage, or controlling computer devices. Cluster: a group of two or more sectors on a disk, which is the smallest unit of storage space used to store data. Coding: A term used by programmers to refer to the act of writing source code. Crackers: A term coined by computer hackers for those who intentionally enter (or hack) computer systems to damage them. C REATED BY S USAN A SHBY W EDNESDAY , F EBRUARY 17, 2010...
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