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wordL1_C2_P4 - equipment purchases Recently the company...

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Solving Problems In groups or individually, brainstorm possible solutions to the issues presented. Computers currently offer both visual and audio communications. Under development are devices and technologies that will allow users to smell various types of products while looking at them in the computer screen. What are some new applications of this technology for the food industry? Can you think of other industries that could use this capability? Picture yourself working in the Information Technology department of a mid-sized company. Your responsibilities include evaluating employees’ computer system needs and recommending
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Unformatted text preview: equipment purchases. Recently, the company president hired a new employee and you must evaluate her computer system needs. Considering that you have a budget of $5,500 for equipping the new employee with the computer system (or systems) she needs, research possible configurations and prepare a report outlining your recommendations, including costs. Assume that for the office she needs a complete system, including a system unit, monitor, printer, speakers, keyboard, and mouse....
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