wordL1_C3_P1 - workers Office workers outnumber factory...

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Technology Information Questions 1. Is programming just for professionals? 2. Could a bit of training as a programmer help your career? 3. Which elements in the procedure of creating a macro are similar to the steps in developing a program? 4. What kinds if networks are used in your local area? 5. How can networks improve efficiency? Technology Timeline: Computers in the Workplace 1900 to 1930: Most Americans grow up on farms and live in rural communities. 1930 to 1940: Number of factory workers increases and cities swell in population; soon they outnumber rural communities. 1950s: Computers invade the business environment, and the number of office “white- collar” workers increases. 1980: Personal computers enter the workplace, and office workers become knowledge
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Unformatted text preview: workers. Office workers outnumber factory workers in the job market. 1993: The Internet becomes publicly available, and millions go online. Farmers number less than three percent of the population. 2002 to 2010: Seven of the ten fastest-growing occupations, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, are computer-specific jobs. The other three are desktop publishers, personal and home-care aides, and medical assistants. Technology Career Questions 1. What is your ideal technical job? 2. Which job suits your personality? 3. Which is your first-choice certificate? 4. How does the technical job market look in your state right now? Is the job market wide open or are the information technology career positions limited?...
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wordL1_C3_P1 - workers Office workers outnumber factory...

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