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Anna Gomenyuk English 102 March 1, 2011 Annotated Working Bibliography Connolly, J. (2009). Forbidden intimacies: Christian-Muslim intermarriage in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. American Ethnologist, Volume 36, No.3. pp.492-506 This article points out the reasons behind interreligious marriages. It also talks about the children, stating that if the father is Muslim they would have to practice that religion. Barlow, B. (1977). Notes on Mormon Interfaith Marriages. The family coordinator. Vol. 26 , No. 2. pp. 143-150. This article talks about interfaith marriages and gives reasons of why they are increasing. (2000). Marriages between Christians and Muslims: Pastoral Guidelines for Christians and Churches in Europe.
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Unformatted text preview: Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs . pp.147-160 This article covers information about marriages between Muslims and Christians. It also gives a better understanding of interreligious marriages between Muslims and non- Muslims. Austin, A. (1998, December 23). Children of two faiths. Christian Science Monitor . p. 11. This article concerns children of interreligious marriages. It talks about the struggles the parents go through. Friedmann, Y. (2003). Interfaith relations in the Muslim tradition. Tolerance and coercion in Islam. This book is very useful because it focuses on the muslim religion and has a whole chapter on interreligious marriages between a Muslim and non-Muslim....
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