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Anna Gomenyuk English 102 March 31, 2011 Outline Introduction -Will begin talking about interreligious marriages Thesis -Interreligious marriages between Muslims and non-Muslims may be problematic due to the strict set of rules Islam sets, family disapproval, and disagreement of the religion of any children. I. Islamic rules towards marriage a. Rules b. Quran II. Family approval a. Liberal b. Conservative III. Children A. Automatically Muslim Discussion and Analysis: - The problems that derive from interreligious marriages between Muslims
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Unformatted text preview: and non-Muslims -Laws from Quran-Family approval-What religion children must follow and how this can be a problem Conclusion: -Interreligious marriages can be very difficult but they do exist. Its a persons choice what destiny they want to follow and to what extent they want to practice their religion concerning marriage. They have to keep in mind that their religion is very strict and has rules, that family will most likely not approve, and that there will be difficulties with the children....
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