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Gomenyuk 1 Anna Gomenyuk Sociology 101 June 23, 2011 Quantitative Research of Equality in Married Couples Introduction In the 1950’s and 1960’s in the Unites States, a typical family consisted of a stay- at-home mom who cooked and cleaned, a father who went out to work, and children who went to school. However, culture changes over time and many changes have occurred over the past four decades. Today, women go out to work, go to school to higher their education, and have the same rights as men; although inequality still does exist. According to my Psychology class in Community College of Philadelphia (2011), studies have shown that men become happier and healthier when married; meanwhile women are emotionally and physically healthier when single. This finding made me curious to find out why there is such a difference between married women and men. Are women stressed due to the fact that they must juggle their career, marriage, and family all at the once? The purpose of my research is to find out more about married couples. Do married couples share equal responsibilities around the home, or are women pressured to do everything? It is “expected” of a woman to cook, clean, and take care of the children. This research examines whether this is still true today and to what extent. The way I established my research was through surveys, therefore it is quantitative.
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Gomenyuk 2 Methods I used surveys consisting of eight questions asking about the responsibilities in the participant’s homes. Twenty women were used as the sample from ages twenty five and
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marriage sociology - Gomenyuk 1 Anna Gomenyuk Sociology 101...

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