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Hi, Muriel: E-mail is easier to read when the message and subject line are short and concise. The Paragraphs should be broken up into small ones whenever possible. If you want to add a friendly feeling to your message, greet your recipient by name. Adding your name in the signature also adds a personal touch. Make it easy for your reader to contact you by including a signature line that includes your name, e-mail
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Unformatted text preview: address, and phone number if desired. Proofread carefully for errors in typing, spelling, and formatting. Remember, Muriel, that once you sent your message, you cant get it back. Write messages you would be proud to have the world read. It could happen. Robert Robert T. Granville E-mail: [email protected] Phone: 701-555-4832 CRN NO. 41484A, Dalien Duquerette, Row 6 Seat 6 Project No. 3 Lesson 25 pg 61...
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