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HOW TO UPLOAD TO GDP Upload every time you use GDP. 1. Make sure that you are using your MyCCP e-mail address when an address is requested. 2. Clip the UPLOAD tab located on the lesson menu at the top of your screen. 3. The first time “uploading,” click “Upload all work .” 4. For each succeeding upload, click on Upload work completed since your last update .” 5. Continue and click on “Upload Work to Student Web Site.” 6. Click on “Store the Upload File.” (You are now on the Student Upload Web Site. 7. Right click in Browse and click on paste. 8. Click Upload. MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE CHANGED YOUR SETTINGS ON YOUR HOME COMPUTER TO NO EDITING (UNCLICK THE CHECKS IN TYPING DRILLS AND TIMINGS.) CHANGING YOUR SETTINGS ON HOME VERSION OF GDP On the Lesson menu, upper left portion of the screen, clip on OPTIONS. Half way down the screen, you see “Full Editing. If you see a “ check”
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Unformatted text preview: in Timed Writings and a “ check” in drills, remove the check by clicking on it. • Click on Save. SEEING YOUR WORK ON THE GDP WEB SITE You can see everything that is uploaded to the GDP web site—this is what I see and grade. 1. Go to . 2. Enter your MyCCP e-mail address and the password you have been using. 3. You then arrive at the above web site. 4. Look at the ending date on the student portfolio. Change it from 2000 to the last entry—2037. 5. Make sure that ALL EXERCISES has been selected. 6. Enter and you will see all of your work that has been uploaded. 7. When you see a + next to an exercise, click on it. You will see all lines typed and errors. GRADING When I look at your work, I grade it and send you an e-mail from the GDP program which goes to your MyCCP e-mail address. The grading scale is in your syllabus....
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