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PROJECT 2 - a penalty of-15 points Improve your...

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1 PROJECT 2 27-B: For speed and accuracy. To be done in GDP program. 27-3: Multipage Rough-Draft Business Report 26D: 3-Minute Timed Writing 27-3: Multipage Report Observe all proofreaders’ marks. Insert page numbers except no number on the first page— different first page. Follow all of the formatting rules for business reports—refer to Pg. 64. Make sure that you score your document down to “zero” errors. An unscored document will have
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Unformatted text preview: a penalty of -15 points. Improve your proofreading skills by carefully reading the document. You should not have any more than 3 attempts at correcting errors. WHAT’S NEW Proofreaders’ Marks Pgs. 68-69 More than one document page Paragraph Headings (Refer back to Pg. 64) Page Numbering (different first page)...
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