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PROJECT 4 BUSINESS LETTERS, MEMOS, SKILLBUILDING, AND 3-MINUTE TIMING Business Letters: 31.3, 32.6 Memo 34.14 Do in GDP Program. You are permitted up to 3 attempts to correct your errors. The fewer attempts the better. Your goal is to improve your PROOFREADING SKILLS. Skillbuilding: Your choice. If you need drills for accuracy, work on MAP. If you need drills for
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Unformatted text preview: speed, 12 second sprints, and Pace Practice is very good. It is under the drop-down skillbuilding menu, beneath sprints. 3-Minute Timing: 38-D If you haven’t e-mailed me your practice document, please do so. Your subject line is your CRN No. plus the word Practice. Example: CRN 12641 Practice....
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