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PROJECT 5 Part 1 Personal Business Letter and Envelope 47-26 This appears in unarranged copy. Set it up to look like the example on Page 152, 47-24. Bring a No. 10 envelope to class with you. (Perhaps 2 in case you make a mistake.) I will show you how to type an envelope, print an envelope, fold the letter, and stuff into your envelope. Do either MAP or Skillbuilding for your improvement drills—depending on what you need. 3-Minute Timing 40-D Print this letter 2 times. One letter will be folded and inserted into the envelope your type. The other letter will be flat and opened. Both will be secured behind an updated cover page and
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Unformatted text preview: stapled in the upper left-hand corner. Part 2 Tables All tables will be manually sized AND Autofit to Contents Tables will be done in Times New Roman, 12 points Tables 36-2 Manually size the table and label outside of the table. 37-5 38-8 Autofit to Contents and Mouse Size Mouse size 38-8 in straight Microsoft Word 2007 Vertically center all tables. Vertical Placement/Horizontal Placement Tables are in your reference manual, starting on Page 80 through Page 88. Refer to these pages, read, them and follow them....
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