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UploadingtotheGDPwebsitefacetoface - When you get into the...

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UPLOADING TO THE GDP WEB SITE AND HOW TO GET TO THE Q-SHARED DRIVE 1. Click on Upload at the top of your screen to the left in the blue area. 2. Click on upload work since your last update. 3. Upload work to Student Upload Web Site. 4. GDP creates a location for you where your files are stored. (Write it down.) This is located to the left of Browse. 5. Click on store the upload file. 6. Click on student upload web site. 7. Right click in the browser slot and click on paste from the drop-down menu. In order to see your corrected and commented work, go to the GDP Student Web site: http://gdpstudent.mhhe.com You are asked for your MyCCP e-mail address. You are asked for your password. Use the password you use in class—it works. If you don’t have it, click on “forgot password” and the password will be sent to your MyCCP address.
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Unformatted text preview: When you get into the program and you get past your class section—you will be in portfolio filter. Towards the top you will see a beginning date and an ending date. Change the ending year date to 2037 by clicking the Down arrow and selecting the last year.) • Click on View Portfolio and you will see what I see and what I will be grading. • Click on plus to see your errors per line. Double click to see the actual exerise. Q Shared Drive Click on Q Shared at the Desktop. Click on Office Administration. Click on M. Harmonis Double Click on the Fall 2010 folder. Double Click on the document you want and it will open. This drive is only available at the College. GDP PROBLEMS Call toll-free, (800) 331-5094 Sunday: 7 p.m.-12 Midnight Monday – Thursday 89 p.m.-12 Midnight Friday 9 a.m. – 7 p.m....
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