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Chapter 1 Notes - Bar Beverage Chapter 1 Notes Beverage...

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Bar & Beverage Chapter 1 Notes: Beverage Industry, past and present 1. Learn the historical importance of alcohol in religious rites, ceremonies, and medical treatment; in meals; in fellowship; and in humankind’s search for wisdom and truth . Religious Rites : i. Bible mentions wine consumption in both the Old and the New Testaments ii. Monasteries were used for growing, making and dispensing of wines for use in mass and service. Fellowship : i. “symposium” means drinking together (philosophical discussions) ii. “In vino veritas” (“In wine there is truth”) Medical Treatment : i. Alcoholic beverages combined with herbs have been used for centuries as medicines and tonics, treating and preventing disease. ii. Alcoholic beverages, particularly wines, were the prime medicinal agents of our ancestors from the ancient world into the early nineteenth century. iii. Alcohol mixed with herbs treated insect bites to epilepsy, to rubbing whiskey on baby’s gums to ease pain from teething. iv. Alcohol has an anesthetic property and used to disinfect Most important historic use of alcoholic beverages was as food and drink. They were considered the only liquids fit to drink (water was polluted). Search for Wisdom and truth : i. Philosophers gather together, debate twice: once sober and again while drunk. 2. Learn about how wine, beer, and distilled spirits were created . Wine: The ancient Gr ee ks got their viticulture knowledge from the Egyptians, and began to make wine about 2,000 B.C. Wine was needed both in everyday life and in sacramental activities Robert Fuller traces the development of winemaking from the French Huguenots, Protestants who settled along the East Coast of North America in the 1500s, to the Pilgrims in Plymouth Bay in the 1600s, to the Franciscan friars and Jesuit priests who built the early missions in California during the 1700s and 1800s.
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