hw1 - CS380L homework #1 or Swapping in the state from...

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Unformatted text preview: CS380L homework #1 or Swapping in the state from undergraduate OS This homework assignment is meant to quickly and thoroughly restore your existing understanding of undergraduate OS course material. It may require review on your part, which is an appropriate action for the first week of class. You may discuss this homework with anyone. This homework is due at the start of class on Wednesday, January 27. It will not be turned in. Instead, there will be a quiz consisting of exactly one question from this homework. Note that if you miss class that day, this quiz cannot be made up. 1. Definitions. Define the following terms: (a) Internal and external fragmentation. Also, which of them can occur in a paging system? A system with pure segmentation? (b) Translation look-aside buffer (TLB). (c) Interrupt. (d) Distributed shared memory. (e) Stateful and stateless servers. Also, list two file systems, one that is stateful and one that is stateless, and explain how having or not having state affects file service. (f) Swapping. (g) Inverted page table. (h) Disk sector, track, and cylinder. (i) Thrashing. 2. Short answer. Provide a short answer to each of the following questions: (a) Give a reason why virtual memory address translation is useful even if the total size of virtual memory (summed over all programs) is guaranteed to be smaller than physical memory. (b) Compare and contrast access control lists and capabilities....
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hw1 - CS380L homework #1 or Swapping in the state from...

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